Vuyo Mvoko mugged in full view of SABC cameras

Vuyo Mvoko mugged in full view of SABC cameras

Sadly, while our contributing editor Vuyo Mvoko was busy with the coverage of President Lungu visit to Milpark hospital this evening, he became a victim of mugging outside the hospital in full view of SABC cameras.

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  1. It is completely disturbing to read the comments here. How did this become a racial thing? Negros mugging negros you think because we are black we are somehow immune to crime? Why isn't this shocking us because of what it is? Criminals are becoming worse… Clearly these guys did not care about being seen. "It can literally happen ANYWHERE to ANYONE".

    My sisters were mugged right outside our gate, I was mugged outside Wits, then in the CBD close to home affairs… I don't know where to hide or what to say anymore. Because the last time I took out my 99rand phone I was slapped and beaten while being asked "Where is your expensive phone, we know you are a cheese girl". 

    Wake up people! Crime is affecting us all. Stop pointing fingers, whether you are black or white, we need to stand together and fight such people… 

  2. lol what a classic I don't know whats the big deal about this it's so normal in South Africa  lol the taxi's even have shooting wars by robots like really it's the norm

  3. IM so sorry to say this ,boys the are so stupid to robbed Mr Vuyo But im glad to you fine

  4. We lost the country as soon as mandela went into power and all the white guys retired from eskom !

  5. The presenter's expression at 00:09 is excellent. It's like he's thinking, "What are these blacks up to?"
     Also what are those strange sounds that the gentlemen that are doing the mugging are making at 00:12? Is that how they communicate?

  6. That milpark suburb for motorists it has been red flagged. I have seen 2 windows being broken on different occasions. The petty question has always been unanswered that what the SA government is doing to stop crime. It has increased and is increasing every single day. From crown mines to sandton or pretoria there are beggars, or intruders standing at robots watching you at all times and when they get a chance they will break in. And when pubic like us reacts and try to teach them a lesson then we might be called criminals. I wouldnt miss a chance if i had to moer someone, not sure about you guys

  7. fucking stupid South Africa…..and people still say we dont need death penalty….

  8. now I have seen stupidity at it best, how dumb can one be and mugg a news report on live national tv, what the hell I really hope they arrest them.

  9. SA democracy = failed state / lawless state
    South Africans need to take cognisance that we live in a lawless unenforced state that has been allowed to run to its current level.  time to open our minds to the fact that change must come otherwise hello zimbabwe no 2

  10. South Africa is so much safer now that the white devil is gone……. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. Well it doesn't matter who/where you are, if you out late at night, don't expect things to go dandy and well

  12. Its not unusual fo happen this in Brazil, its the new style of muggers

  13. This is why I always say that Zulu's are ruining SA. They are just violent by nature

  14. Why don't more Black Americans move back to Africa.
    Obviously when you get rid of all the white people they claim have been oppressing them, life is a dream.

  15. The cretins… not only stealing… but looking into the camera aswell… amoral and just outright effing stupid

  16. They do it for the R5's and R2's they get everyday ! bustard took my phone in Bechley train station in front people,Jozi ay.

  17. ok so they put this on the news tonight… uhm this was a year ago. why did they only put this up now on SABC 2. ???? Wow and they said it got 4 mil views but it only has 2 mil. wow stop lying!!!!

  18. These guys were sentenced to 15 years in prison yesterday! was it worth it? probably not……..

  19. They were given 15 years each. For stealing a cellphone and a laptop. Pistorius murdered an innocent girl – 6 years. Well done, South Africa. Well fucking done.

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