Talk Africa: Is a border-less Africa a good or a bad thing?

Talk Africa: Is a border-less Africa a good or a bad thing?

A border-less Africa may no longer be just a pipe dream. According to the African Union’s 2063 Agenda, there will be a single African Union passport that permits freedom of movement and shared development among African nations. But is a border-less Africa a good or a bad thing? And why has it taken so long to implement the single African passport policy? Beatrice Marshall and her panel of experts delve into this debate on this episode, of Talk Africa!



  1. Zimbabwe and Mozambique will merge, and the Mwenemutapa empire will be restored.

  2. This will benefit the rich economically, i support what the guy in south Africa said

  3. It depends on what is really behind it and what they are planning..

    Increasing trade between African people is a great thing..
    It will boost our own economies, create jobs in Africa and increase production..

    When compared to what we have now in which Europeans extract materials and pay (what they want you to believe they have extracted) to the warlords they handpicked to be your politicians for them to bank that same money abroad..

    But on another note, before any of this can take place, some issues need to be solved..

    Because some so called Africa countries are really colonies in disguise ruled by private and foreign terrorist organisations disguised as governments..

    One of such is that fallacy called Nigeria..

    It may seem like a country to the untrained eye but upon closer examination you will discover that it is a bonafied colonial slave plantation dominated by a hierarchy of Islamic terrorists, massmurderers, war criminals, corporate thieves and British spies who aggregate powers and resources to themselves via a monopoly of violence inherited and donated by the British..

    And those same Nomadic Islamic terrorists who go by the name of Fulani Herdsmen who for centuries have been terrorising peaceful people in the region are now sitting at the forefront of the movement for removing all borders led by their new champion called Mohammadu Buhari who is the current self employed president of Nigeria..

    I'd like to be optimistic but it smells fishy..

    These people are not learned, not refined and not clever..
    Their only language is violence and oppression..
    They slice human beings like bread and steal their lands so that their cows may feed..

    A quick Google or facebook search for "Fulani herdsmen victims" will reveal images that are too gruesome to be shown..
    They spare nobody, not old and not child..

    Mohammadu Buhari is their prince and he is attempting to deceive Africa into opening its doors to this unholy set of people of unknown origins..

    On another note there are other sets of people largely concentrated in the Sahel area of this world who practice archaic, medieval traditions..
    Such traditions involve raping 7 year old girls in the name of marriage, stoning people to death if not dressed "appropriately", burning human beings, cutting off heads, cutting off hands, the rejecting technology and democracy, rejecting education, denying fundamental freedoms of association and worship and speech etc..

    Mohammadu Buhari is also the crowned prince of this other colourful bunch who has embarked on a violent campaign of spreading their backwardly and disgusting practices worldwide..

    And these are the people who are sitting in conferences in Addis Abbada to give Pan African speeches on why Africa should open borders for a bigger market..

    I understand that the market will be bigger..
    But I don't understand what products the promoters of this idea are selling..

    What product is Mohammadu Buhari intended on introducing to our fellow African people??

    I wonder..

    Before you begin to talk about open borders I'd rather like to see a readjustment of existing borders along culturally compatible and economically viable lines..

    Before I'd like to see that power is restored to the individuals at the grassroot level for them to build the societies of their choice outside of foreign and private interests of warlords..

  4. United States of Africa Please!!! Africa should unite into one Massive Country. All the existing nations are just an Ugly reminder of European Colonialism. IF Africa unites, it can become a massive superpower.

  5. bad idea.split along religious and tribal lines and not enough resources

  6. The United States of Africa? No one likes to say it but really, that would be the model, is it not? Except no one, not even the US wants to give the feds that much power. But we do like the money and security that comes with having a larger union as well as interstate trade.

  7. This is what it was before the Arab Caliphates and the Berlin Conference division of the lands into countries you see now, including the so called Middle East was African middle passage to Africa which was east Ethiopia. the unity needs to be restored.

  8. first the dictators of Africa leader's must give the power to the nation!

  9. Africa is my beloved land, i like to travel and see what real Africa is, but bad policy is refusing to integrate our people

  10. My Allah make it possible whole Africa to be unite as one, oh Allah please do this for we African's

  11. this will juste lead to a lot of conflict, we should first develop our continent by creating a shared central bank and one currency that is not controlled by white devils

  12. i think is a bad thing for Tanzania, east Africa and all Africa… we need to control our borders first and to build our countries first and our own languages first,… we are too late for that rubbish, you Somalians and Nigerians you have to sort out those BOKO -HARAAM and aLSHABABs in your countries… first of all we Tanzanians we speaks Swahili and we love peace… and how can WE UNDERSTAND YOU people?… thats bushit and will increase corruption, wars, tribalism double standard… most of you speak English, Portuguese, Arabs, French, Spanish you worship those countries Language …

  13. ofcourse it is better we are pushed to unite before we ended up dead one by one by man made sickness and man made poverty.Africans are respected when they stand up for their right and self respect so lets build ourselves how long we beg for food while we are feeding others.

  14. the biggest problem With this open borders idea is that it is Eurocentric failed ideology. Africa should move towards Asia… Europe is in decline BECAUSE of open borders…

    Countries that would LOVE open travel is Ghana ( increased tax base, Ghana is ind massive debt and resource dependent on Nigeria) Rwanda ( pro immigration) Somalia ( many Somalians immigrate to Kenya) Swaziland ( near SA)

    However the vast majority of African countries don't want open borders… That includes Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Zambia, Nigeria, All of North Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Burkina faso etc… and many countries near hotspots… The better the economy… the more anti Immigration a country becomes… Why flood your country with immigrants who compete with indigenous people? And why bring in Muslims who are being infiltrated by terrorist (ala Kenya Mall attacks)

    Also, Free trade is terrible for developing markets… thats basic economics 101. Chicken farmer in SA don't want competition from Tanzania… That would kill one market and create less Jobs… Free trade only works when you are trading secondary materials like cars and TVs… not cheap products like food or raw materials.

    I think that countries need to bring in Investors and business owners who will create jobs…not any citizen looking for work, and focus on improving infrastructure and solar power… Africa can become unstoppable if they learn how to use solar power because cheap electricity is the ultimate advantage Africa would have over Asia or Europe in manufacturing…

  15. Ok then why not have all countries become one country? Should the USA Join Africa too? Because Kenya has more ties to the USA than it does to Egypt.

    Because I have studied the continent for over 20 years… I know that the people there don't want to join into one country… they don't even want free trade and they CERTAINLY don't want open borders… that may change some day… but not likely.

    Do you know that North Africans are Arabs… and have historically looked down on Nubian below them? They would Never join one big country with open borders… Egypt has had a longstanding feud with Algeria… they also hate Ethiopia… Ethiopia is fighting a war with Eritrea… they would never unite… And Somali land does not want to unite with Somalia… Sudan just split from south Sudan, and in Mali there is about to be another split.

    This desire to see one Africa stems form your inferiority complex, and a desire to see Africa compete with the West… but Africa is the size of Europe, China, America, India and Japan COMBINED… And yet… the people there speak even MORE languages than those big countries… Having An African union with one currency with around 24 countries is the BEST case scenario… Africans have different races, religions, and objectives… we are PROUD of our many countries… we don't want one big bureaucracy.

  16. We want to keep our borders in Botswana simple as that

  17. First start regionally. East African Federation(made up of EAC), West African Federation(very large -Nigeria, Liberia,Senegal, Ghana etc,) and South African Federation(South Africa Namibia Botswana Mozambique etc)

    after 10 to 20 years of stable regional Federation then we can begin to combine them.

    One Passport, One Flag, One Currency, 1 or 2 languages(Swahili and some other language – maybe Amharic)

    North Africa has sadly been stolen thousands of years ago so they should be left out of the plans for now.

    Ethiopia, being the Lion of Africa, should probably host our Capitol city.


  19. I don't think France will let go of its colonies that easy, also what are AU members doing to tackle issues in the Congo/DRC? Will the capitals let go of Congo? I mean Congo feeds all of us. It's the riches country in Africa but the people are poor and being killed for their resources. Please before you open the borders make sure you clean up Africa first of its former colonisers and greedy puppet leaders.

  20. Yes, Africa must be United, the country was only made to west profits.

  21. My fear we have many traitors and puppet as Africa leaders. So how do you deal with those puppet learders who are against their mother continent to move forward?

  22. Why not? Europeans can go and come as they please.

  23. Why Africa speak European languages English, French, and at the level of African Unity? Is Africa to this extent lacking in their own language?

  24. I hope north africa gets united and become strong again in order to close the door to western intruders that test their viruses on our african brothers and create civil wars and genocides.
    May GOD protect and help Africa to progress.

  25. freedom of trade but thats it, main problem here is alot of people will flock into the good countries leaving the bad ones behind

  26. I'm ok with Africa United only if the Carribeans and the African American are not included into this.

  27. Africa is too big, too poor, too differente and too undemocratic to act like EU…

  28. We already have problems with foreigners in my country, mainly economic migrants. We must be careful about this. May be we can start with regional integrations first rather than all at once.

  29. I agree Africa should first unite regionally with open borders and with a regional currency. These regions should be divided into western, eastern, and southern divisions. Africa should represent herself with the three regional heads to the United Nations, and the European Union, and any union or country asking to do business with Africa. These false borders drawn by Europeans allows corruption in its most horrific forms.

    Regional governments will be able to seriously curb illicit currency flows hampering Africa's development. For example why does Guinea not profit from its Bauxite? Or Zambia who is not profiting from it massive copper wealth? Or DRC not profit from its cobalt, uranium, gold, oil…etc? Our so-called colonial drawn borders sell Africa's mineral for the price of onions. While the Nordic countries (Finland) receives 70% from all of its oil directly benefiting its citizens; while most African countries receive as little as 2% in revenues and most of that is channeled to corrupt politicians imitating western democracies. So exactly which countries are benefiting when Sub-Saharan African countries contain the majority of the worlds resources and we have the lowest HDI (human development index); those opposed to unifying ask yourself where does your perspective country lie on the HDI? And, more importantly what ideas do you have to increase our human development? Colonial bordered countries only benefit the colonizers.

    There will be extreme difficulties in unifying but in order to advance sacrifice cannot be substituted for religious promises. Our currencies are decimated continent wide with large swings from country to country. How is it that the worlds 5th largest country by population (Nigeria) currency is traded 250 -300 : 1 USD. Or, CAF counties are 900 : 1 USD. This is ridiculous.

    If Africa does not take bold steps today when problems are manageable then what will we do when the population doubles in the next 20 -30 years, the future of Africa could be very volatile if corrections are not made now.

  30. What we really required is a name change to start with. Something different from Africa and unique like ALKEBULAN.

  31. If Africa unites the economies of the west will fall. Europe will fall Im not racist because my grandfather is french, german, and english. But the white power that has the hold over Africa will be diminished. Something like a United States of Africa will take time but I believe it is the inevitable.

  32. once we tackle the road network and security issues between the boarders ppl and goods can move.
    immigration is good than bad, is up to the government of all states or countries of what they can do to attract investment.
    And migration or migrants comes with talents, labor and so forth
    we should not be scared of a boarderless AFRICA.

  33. United Africa will be great but they have to be careful about the feminist laws that are destroying Europe and USA

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