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Question Time: Pastor Mboro, 13 April 2016

The investigations by the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities on the commercialisation of churches and abuse of people’s belief systems have once again come under the spotlight. On Tuesday the CRL Rights Commission laid criminal charges against the Incredible Happenings Ministries’ leader Prophet Paseka ‘Mboro’ Motsoeneng. The Commission says the case relates to Prophet ‘Mboro’s failure to submit his church’s financial records and bank statements.

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  1. Rise mboro
    God will be by your side

  2. Man of God , Prophet bushuri didnt do that.You are all helping us and we are greatful. Both of you are gifted.We love u lets move forward.


  4. Mara this pastor has long nails with a manicure, why?

  5. For goodness sake, these are offerings freely offered by church members to the church and not the pastor. Almost every church has a board to run its finances and other services. So what does the commission want in all that? If the churches had problems with their contributions, they would then open a case against the board or the pastor. WHAT does this CRL commission want in the matters of the church? Should then the church members decide to stop doing offerings then what will be the job of that CRL commission? From the olden days, everyone knew that if there is fraud taking place then there are police station, who appointed the commission to look after the finances of the church???? CRL must answer on this.

  6. mara why these guys u can here their names mbhoro .

  7. Major 1 will never do this

  8. people are gullible especially under poverty and need. its your individual responsibility to educate yourself, be it bible, politics, economics, etc

  9. Before you take up a name, just do a bit of research to see what your new name you are taking means in other languages. Just me saying.

  10. Its not about Mboro or Bushiri, or any other Servant of God, its about Jesus!! Can we just focus on Jesus.


  12. For starters his name horrified and terrified all viewers in Zimbabwe because his name means literally penis. So if he could start by changing his name as necessitated by the vulgar nature of his name Mboro

  13. That Prophet is a good counterfiet

  14. False is the most appropriate title

  15. A whole lot of Xenophobia there callers,…Damn

  16. Why Mboro should should change his name because he's not a foreigner by the way. so it doesn't matter what his name means in your language… Zimbabweans should get a life in Zimbabwe NOT here in our country… nx

  17. Why Mboro should should change his name because he's not a foreigner by the way. so it doesn't matter what his name means in your language… Zimbabweans should get a life in Zimbabwe NOT here in our country… nx

  18. you can't say this prophets are from the kingdom of the enemy. without prove. let God be the judge

  19. Well spoken and it's true dat page was created by this small boy … ( u know whom am talking abwt) lol

  20. Bushiri didn't asked that small boy to created dat page . He did it on his own . I blv it was dat small Malawian boy who did that ….. We shall expose yhu lol

  21. Rubbish caller …. Doesn't know wat he is talking about

  22. we are brainwashed in this country. when are we gonna woke up?

  23. this is why im an Athiest

  24. of all the things…think about him going to heaven and taking selfies………ummmmmmmmmmmm that was extreme

  25. My Prophet PFP your anointing fullfill and blesses the world, it's incredible and it's happening. Bho!

  26. These Stupid people keep following these fucking conmen @ 11:12 Do you have 10 million?> You see I live by faith! yeah with his eight bodyguards & countless luxury vehicles!

  27. that is wat you get for being a frod

  28. fake and fraud people preaching false prophecy..Kingdom more like hell

  29. why are Africans calling other fellow Africans "foreigners"…please exit the bondage and entrapment of those who have divided dissected and ruled Africans since day one…and still do so.

  30. It's just funny how he started of saying the right things,but that's the thing people want to hear the right things and there they get brainwashed.The hear what they want to hear.He is a fraud but at the end of the day God Himself will reveil their wicked ways..

  31. the devil continues to lie to God's people through these thieves

  32. This commission is crazy first of all there are churches in SA which have been here for more than 100 years, even before the formation of the commission. Like ZCC, the shembes, Ipcc and others so this commission, we should ask on what ground was it formed and by who and for what mission.

  33. @11:12

    You seeeeeee eerrh I live by Faith

  34. 24:56 Yhooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  35. It doesn't matter whether they talk bad against each other , at the end of the day they are all fraud and it's really stupid for anyone to believe them

  36. Mboro in Kiswahili means penis what a name this fraudister has!!

  37. Bushiri nd Mboro r both fake ass self anointed prophets,staging fake miracles and its crazy dat all deir followers believe dem….

  38. prophet Jeremiah, Jesus, etc. was prosecuted for telling the Truth from God

  39. who is the pastor that was feeding grass and petrol to people

  40. he's doing better for our citizens than bushiri

  41. he was pastor sense he was 16 and he is rich so why he doesn't build churches around the world what will happen if he dies he will pass with his church?