Faces of Africa – King Hassan II Building Morocco

Faces of Africa – King Hassan II Building Morocco

King Hassan the second of Morocco ruled for thirty eight years. The population was against the hereditary kind of rule. But King Hassan allowed for a multi-party system to be incorporated into Morocco’s first constitution of 1963, the system was the only one in the Maghreb at the time.



  1. Hassan 2 was a murder a killer a dictator. he persecuted the Moroccans for over 40 YEARS.
    he built secret prisons where he put anyone who appose his ruling and take tazmamart as an exemple.

  2. He did what he had to do for his time period – may God rest his soul

  3. THE arab militarian regimes hates morocco , they came on tanks to power , morocco is not a country hwo was created by Sikes Picot ,

  4. Peace, Love and Trust for all People and Nature . God, The Land And the King. . Kingom of Peace

  5. Very well set doc. Regarding Hassan 2nd nationalism sequence, shortcuts are made. He was not the nationalist described. He strongly faught his people to maintain colonialism. This is straightly history.

  6. The state broadcaster of a People's Republic is glorifying a bourgeois monarchy! Now I've seen everything.

  7. the sahara is moroccan stop excluding from the map you little shits

  8. Oufkir go to hell you cheap rat sob! Your family to!

  9. Napoleon was exiled to Elba, then St. Helena. He was born in Corsica, no exiled there.

  10. normal il a du serrer la vice avec ces gauchos que TOUS marocains détestent, vu la situation: sous développement, indépendance et guerre de nos voisins un an après en fait toujours ces gauchos d'Europe il a eut mille fois raison!!!!!!

  11. This whole documentary is just Chinese flattery to obtain Moroccan contracts
    And also the narrative of this program is total nonsense! they say "When the Spaniards wanted to conquer Africa they passed through Morocco LATER The Muslims came with their own ideas?
    Where did the researcher of this program google his information?
    Iberia (Spain/Portugal) and Morocco were Already Muslim countries in the beginning of the 8th century and colonial Spain started to expand during the end of the 15th century and beginning of the 16th century.
    So how could Islam came later when it actually first arrive to north Africa during the second half of the 7th century?

  12. I advise everyone to read the book of our friend the king of the writer Gilles Peru for the late King Hassan II. Peru says that "a small opening towards the ark of darkness", because it is made, "the secret life of the monarch, and all that I saw his reign of land, the arrests and torture of the prisoners and The cruelty …. "In 2002, Dutch national television, based on publications published in Soir Belgium, announced that the new king of Morocco is homosexual.This is certainly not new to Moroccan citizens. The publication had led to a great demonstration by the Moroccans in Utrecht. Yet, in Morocco, everybody said the young crown prince who later became King Mohamed VI.

    Editor-in-chief Hans Brom said: "Our correspondent, Robbert Bosschard, spoke with the chief of police and the commander-in-chief of the Moroccan army. They were convinced that the new king is homosexual and they were afraid of the future under a homosexual monarch. "

    To ask the question is not to be homophobic in the case of a public figure, a head of state from a Muslim country in addition, the Commander of the Faithful of a Muslim country whose courts pronounce punishment of 6 months To 3 years in prison for "homosexuality" and they are pronounced in the name of the king. In the case of the marriage of Ksar el Kebir, the protagonists were condemned without proof solely to silence the rumors that had triggered the article of Al Massae.

    It is therefore wise to ask questions about this, even if Mohamed VI, as the "descendant of the prophet" is immune to all accusations, but if the Prophet heard this, he would turn to his grave To curse the Alawites.

    Rumors or truth, in any case the rumors about his homosexuality are persistent and he was seen in the gay bars of Brussels at the time when his father sent him do an internship with European Commission President Jacques Delors. Eight months in Belgium, surrounded by a few friends, housed in a sumptuous villa. At the weekend, he let go. Restaurant, nightclubs, gay bar … He wanted to let off steam away from paternal influence.

    For Europeans, Mohamed VI may be a good king, but he is not a good Muslim. His homosexuality is "common knowledge" in Europe and Moroccan intellectual circles, according to Tony Flavel, resident in Marrakech. "But it's better not to talk about it," he said. "The police and the armed forces are against the new king for this very reason. They would prefer his younger brother, Moulay Rashid. "

    One wonders if all the hubbub that the king of Morocco has mounted on the association of Moroccan gays and their newspaper is to give an image of openness to Morocco or it is rather by "affinity" of the sovereign.

    Never was a king so bad. He does not have the intelligence or skill of his father, but apparently the sex either. Shyness adds to homosexuality. The total! So let's stop attacking Moroccan women who practice prostitution. We must first ask the king to be held accountable. He, who is the king of Moroccans and gaiety.

    In any case, if he knew how to preserve his behind until now, something difficult for someone who has passed through the bars of Brussels, one thing is certain: he was well fucked by the Sahrawis, this brave people who Beats for its land: Western Sahara.

  13. what about hassan II the mass murdered and war criminal. Loving man? he murdered his own people and occupied the Western Sahara….murderer mass murderer.

  14. I assume all the people iin the comments that are all worked up because of the map also agree with the zionist occupation of Palestine?

  15. King Hassan 11 was a Zionist. He was a devil in the eyes of Polisario. His annexation of Swahara has been condemned by entire African continent .UN support the kingdom have refused to pressurize Morocco to let go Swahara .However Polisario still hold faith that they shall one day they liberate their country.

  16. Morocco will never achieve anything with its Zionist monarchy,when king Hassan died 60% of Morocco was illiterate,he retarded his won preppie so they wouldn't oppose him,the pig also recognised Israel

  17. This thief Moroccan king needs to go and LEAVE our country alone, him and his corrupt mafia.
    Morocco is a rich, a VERY RICH country. Here's a list of some of its resources:
    It has 75% of the world's reserves of Phosphate, which is used in both the agro and the Nuclear industries, two very important industries. Yet, most of the money is defrauded by the King Mohammed VI and his Mafia.
    It has GOLD and SILVER reserves, being extracted by only the King and his subsidiaries such as MANAGEM and MAYA etc. According to the Guardian and the BBC, this King's mafia smuggled 4 tons of Gold in a few months, which is absolutely INSANE :theguardian.com/business/2014/feb/25/billion-dollar-gold-market-dubai-kaloti
    Its got tremendous fisheries on two coasts. Yet the fish is extremely expensive since the King's mafia, once again, sells everything to Europe. The King Mohammed VI gave exclusive fishing agreement gifts to Military Generals such as General Houssni Benslimane, General Bennani, General Arroub, in return for their support. These are some of the richest Generals on EARTH, surpassing American Generals.
    The government would not legalize Cannabis, which is another one of Morocco's main exports to Europe. As the King Mohammed's Mafia benefits from this trade as well.
    Natural gas and Oil that have just been discovered in the East and on the Coasts. This is documented by Maps from major oil companies.
    Tourism and Expat repatriations in foreign currency. Which only the King can use without a quota as he buys super expensive import cars and such.
    So you can see: The list is very long. The conclusion is: The King Mohammed VI is a thief, surrounded by a Mafia. Plain and simple.

  18. A Arab will never be an African, they came and kill and take the land from the native, Morocco is a country of the Victors who wipe the native out.

  19. The documentary is nice but you could've at least but the right map of Morocco! That's truly shameful

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