Exclusive video footage on the Westgate attack

Exclusive video footage on the Westgate attack

This exclusive raw video was taken by an eye witness at the Westgate Mall in Kenya and sent to CCTV Africa. The owner was trapped in the mall for 5 hours before being rescued by the police. The eye witness has requested to remain anonymous.



  1. Christopher Hitchens was right, you really can't wait for all this to end. I don't know how someone can be so gleeful at the thought of humiliating another person and (Presumably) taking delight in their departure to hell.
    What a disgusting human being religion has turned you into.

  2. Ok remember this bitch
    You are on motherfucker who doesn't give a damn about anything.I wonder where you'er from because your comments are full of shit.Islam is all about peace and those people who are in that video are criminals.I don't support terrorism or terrorists but some people who are muslims and are not terrorists and trying to make an honest living .So shut your fucking mouth because you'er talking shit and go find someone who will listen to you piece of crap.

  3. Thank you, though I don't think its very brilliant.

    Our government, dropped a bomb on a hospital. The A-Bomb killed 100s of thousands. I know what pearl harbor is by the way. It does not equal our counter attack. And if that is truly how we deal with fanatics, then why didnt we just drop a bomb on Iraq and call it a day?

  4. Why are you so angry? If you dont want something, do you have to make all others to also not want it?
    Your name says you are a muslim. Islam like other religions, has never given peace because it promotes salvation through human works.
    But Christianity reveals salvation through the grace (merits) of Jesus Christ (God). Absolutely, no human works involved. The good works we do are simply because we want to do them, not because we have to. That is why only Christians can truly have real peace.

  5. Actualy you are wrong my friend. He is surely coming back. And it is good news, even to you, whether you realize it or not.

  6. Well I'll believe it when I see it ok? In the meantime I think we should assume he is NOT coming back (because there is insufficient evidence for such an outrageous claim. A book is not enough for a supernatural claim like that).

    If he comes back, fine, I'll admit I'm wrong for sure, but he'd need to prove who he is by performing MAJOR miracles.

    And like I say, we should be planning to solve the world's problems ourselves because there is no guarantee Jesus will save us.

  7. It is about time we crushed Islam once and for all. Keep spreading the information my friend.

  8. There were two atomic bombs dropped, one on Nagasaki and the other on Hiroshima. The targets were chosen due to their strategic importance and vast military occupation and not as an act of raw terrorism. Although a hospital could have been destroyed as a result.
    They were dropped in order to end the war, not as a counter strike for Pearl Harbour (That was Battle for Midway). As a result lives were lost, but many, many more saved because the Japanese ceased hostilities which meant no US invasion.

  9. So then why dont we just drop a bomb on Iraq, Iran maybe Libya and call it a night? If the idea is to save as many lives as possible why do we keep sending guys over there? Why do we even bother with that place? 9-11 was similar to pearl harbor in many ways and yet we invaded Iraq and Iran instead of just dropping a bomb on them. Did we perhaps become more sensible? No, that cant be right because we now fire Uranium D shells into populated areas.

  10. I understand there's a lot of debate on the ethics of using the A-Bombs in Japan, and I can understand both arguments. I think it was the right thing to do, but I won't attack people who disagree.. It's definitely a tough one. (I'm just saying this because I don't want you to think I'm a heartless bastard, who'd bomb anyone if I thought they were a threat.)
    Anyway, we don't bomb those countries because they don't pose the same threat Japan did in WW2. Not enough space, I'll post another comment.

  11. (P2)
    I'm fairly certain it's a violation of international law to drop a nuke on a country now. Back in the days of WW2, little was known of the effects nukes had, but we now know that the aftermath is catastrophic. The invasion of Iraq was definitely a preferable option to simply bombing them all, taking Saddam "Evil Dictator" Hussein out of power was vital and establishing a working democracy a worthwhile goal to be sure. Nuking people wouldn't have been productive.
    I'm no expert on DU, sorry.

  12. I am non religious myself – however, I will say that your comments about them having not added anything to this world is completely off the mark. You would be surprised what they brought to the world in terms of science, medicine and language… most of which happened when Europe was still in the mud. Read a book, fuckstick – learn a little history. 

  13. islam is a fuckin deranged religion,it is evil and barbaric, going round killing innocent people shooting kids because the can not speak a sentence out of the quran you murdering bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The irony of your comment is that the wedge is usually created by those who believe a divine supernatural authority is on their side, just ask homosexuals or even atheists for that matter.

  15. I appreciate your respectable view on the matter.
    America does not bomb those countries because they have something America wants. A commodity that makes billions of dollars a years. They have OIL.

  16. except if you look at facts, you will find that America has been becoming oil INDEPENDENT for years. so why would it go to war to gain OIL? especially when more facts show Europe and China as the large importers of Iraqi oil.

  17. So just to clarify (And perhaps elaborate), are you stating that the reason for invading Iraq was to steal their oil?
    I guess it may be important to note here that America isn't better off financially, for invading Iraq and engaging in the War on Terror.
    Also another note, @Firestarthe has it right. I can back up his point by stating that around 2000 oil wells have been drilled in Iraq, compared to around a million in Texas alone. I have a link to the site where I got those stats, I'll pm you.

  18. at the end of the day every religion has most people who are rational thinkers (in a way) but there are also going to be extremists, unfortunately for islam all we hear about is the extreme people who do harm to each other in the name of religion. These people are often indoctrinated as teens and have little free thought. All you people going arouynd saying fuck islam and all that need to get a reality check, christians have the westboro baptist church and many other religions have exteme sects

  19. Will everyone fuck off with this stupid typical youtube racism and religion bullshit in the comments … it is always so irrelevant and annoying!

    -Go make a blog and express your ignorant and unimportant views elsewhere.

  20. well ask yourself this question if you ruled a country and needed some resources China with a massive population, Europe History tells us why, or Iraq a third-world country

  21. Yeah, all those evil Christians running around murdering people in the name of Christianity are a real worry. /sarcasm

    Your thoughts are so typical of the nonsense that our PC western media and education have filled so many young minds with.
    Please educate yourself about the real nature of islam…and Christianity while you are at it. 

  22. really? your comment goes to show just how stupid most youtubers are, i'd like to see you publically say that when you don't have veil of youtube covering your face

  23. Guys guys…….. y all this blame on each other? we are one people one blood whether a x-tian or moslem, just we need to repent ,look at each other as brothers and sisters focusing on one thing and that is "life after death" remember parousia is about.

  24. lol,,u must be a terrorist..fuck you and all your people that are involved in this nonesense acts against humans..u guys think u are soo better than other religions..i am an athiest but i still respect all relegions except for terrorist muslims..i have no problem with muslims,..terrorist muslems should be put in the zoo with the animal but in a cage that everyone can come spit on you when u are inside..i also dont like americans but i would never kill them..we all have a place in this world

  25. ur dad is a dumb fuck..and ur mom is just a fuck…and if u say u are australian and u are an atheist…then why the fuck would u support these terorist acts..u are just a little pig without a tail

  26. there is crime all over the world and other people are looking for people to put the blame on. 
    so, Kenya has welcomed refugees from Somalia who are hiding in our country to escape injustice thats been done to them and no one will help because apparently everything thinks they are the ones with the big guns who blow them selves up in pieces…they are part of our country and lay off the Muslims and just shut up, you all should be saying R.I.P because a lot of people died in there…so please drop out of your high horse and give the dead respect!!!!!!!!

  27. God rest the souls of all who died in that tragedy but God rest all who have perished even those who were doing the horrible atrocities way past, past, present and future. Everyone deserves to rest in peace. I have no idea what this was all about so I'll have to look into it.

  28. Oh and anyone hating on Muslims are just racist pieces of crap. Might as well say screw all christian and catholic and everyone else. Seriously there's good seeds and there's bad ones in each. Billions of dollars have been spent as hush money for the catholic churches and christians kill abortion doctors who are actually helping people. But no who gets the most attention? Muslims. I'm not even religious in any aspect but everyone who hates on people for what they believe can fornicate themselves with an iron stick. If you want to dish out some hate I'll be a Muslim, or whatever. I have friends from all walks of life. And even people I don't know I'd defend in a heartbeat. I say bring it cowards. Talk the talk online. I don't hate anything except hate. Man up and show respect. 

  29. sorry my kenyan brothers..change the "WESTGATE" name to some Kiswahili name or call it "Africa Gate", muslims are not passive like us from sub-saharan africa they might target it agian

  30. Injurid And dead musulmans AMD christi smalls o bits víctima:-[ 

  31. This attack was committed by people with the intention of sullying the religion of Islam.

  32. Of course the first thing you see is Black women running from an isle loaded with straight hair weaves and extensions. 

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