Charlize Theron addresses the official opening of the AIDS Conference

Charlize Theron addresses the official opening of the AIDS Conference

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  1. News for you Charlize. Aids wasn't caused by #racism, it was caused by a horrid little virus and was spread so fast by people behaving irresponsibly.

  2. So toe soos n flippin klei-oss se gat!!! Blerrie Benoni swaap!!! Ek kan haar nie verdra nie.

  3. Awesome speech… Why haven't we conquered it though. Excuses, excuses

  4. HIV self test kits were banned in 2012 by ANC government, Shipments were stopped at our ports and sent back…Whites did not do this, It wasn't done by the privileged, or males…Our Government banned self test kits! The medication was made available largely from USA. Our government (ANC) is responsible for denying people the "right to know" their status, in order to get treatment. Only recently has the government lifted the ban self test kits. (March 2016) 5 years later? (The cover up stories for this debacle are laughable, justifying the ban by finding one brand that wasn't FDA approved).

  5. the truth hurts as i continue to read retard statements not getting the message …

  6. Best, most direct, no-nonsense speech I've EVER heard (as candid as possible in these kind of global conferences) Go Charlize!

  7. I wonder how many negative comments here will illustrate the bigotry and denial-ism and deflection she touched on…

  8. Another Hollywood celeb that needs to keep their trap shut since their IQ seems to be lacking.

  9. If you think racism doesn't play a role in the global AIDS crisis, you're naive af.

  10. "HIV is not just transmitted by sex, It’s transmitted by sexism, racism, poverty and homophobia"

    Women belong in the kitchen!

    I have now infected every woman who read this is with HIV. Flawless logic, you rich hypocritical lefty cunt.

  11. Wow, and here we thought it was spread through random anonymous rectal sex… Live and learn.

  12. The truth can't be denied. Yet we let politicians pull the wool over our eyes with every other word. This is a brilliant speech. It's not so much about aids than it is about ourselves as humankind. Really moving stuff.

  13. Women are just stupid. Just so incredibly stupid. Homophobia would actually slow or even prevent the spread of HIV. The other "isms" are totally irrelevant to it's spread. She is just a creature that exists on emotion, not rational thought

  14. Bullcrap, HIV is spread by the HIV virus which is spread by a lack of personal accountability and/or knowledge. She needs to quit shifting blame. Typical Feminist crap.

  15. She has proven herself to be, without a doubt, one of the dumbest fucking individuals walking the face of this earth…

  16. Using the tragedy of AIDS as a venue for horse manure.

  17. I don't understand how she can say we value the lives of men over women and adults over children when literally any crisis that happens from a sinking ship to a hostage situation the first goal is always to "save the women and children."

  18. Oh my God Charlize Theron is so lovely and beautiful with or without make up shes the wife I always wanted love her films and her talent. Aids was caused by racism? wHAT the cuck? Its a sad day. Charlize, I want a fake divorce.

  19. How come she's such a bimbo and would say Hiv is transmitted through racism and sexism? How come she doesn't know HIV is man made in a laboratory?

  20. Why cant liberals face and accept THE TRUTH AND FACTS!?!?!

    Gay and bisexual men are the population most affected by HIV.

    In 2014, Gay and bisexual men accounted for an estimated 83% (29,418) of HIV diagnoses among males and 67% of all diagnoses.

    Black/African Americans, gay and bisexual men accounted for the largest number of estimated HIV diagnoses (11,201), followed by white gay and bisexual men (9,008).

  21. That was a gorgeous speech. DAMN!
    Someone gives a speech daring to talk about how racism, homophobia, and sexism exist and affect things. Cue butthurt white people and straight dudes in the comments more happy to spend time trying to deny that FACT than they are to look up the charity and donate. Bigotry kills. It kills literally and it also prevents the right kinds of treatment and education getting to the most vulnerable and discriminated against groups for all kinds of things, but especially AIDs and HIV.

  22. I am a South African and i will tell you one thing, if women were looked at differently and treated with a little bit of respect we would not be having this problem.

  23. My theory on HIV is that it is not transmitted, as much as it is "created" using the co-joinng hosts cell's machinery to produce the viral proteins, when such a couple are not naturally compatible with one another, i.e., male with male.  Keep in mind that HIV has several major genes coding for structural proteins that are found in all retroviruses!I believe the body is capable of creating complex proteins that may exhibit retroviral behaviours, which explains why Scientists can't find the culprit of the HIV infection:  Because it is created from within the body, using it's own mechanisms, BUT, only become activated when there are chromosomal incompatibilities.   Put short, it's God's way of saying, a man shall not lay with another man, as would he with a woman, for such is an abomination before God, thus perhaps He has coded these very behaviours into the human genome itself, to punish those who engage in this activity!  You want a CURE for AIDS?  Stop FUNDING IT, that's the CURE!

  24. Why havent we beaten this epidemic? Because there is no epidemic. HIV does not cause AIDS.

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