Being a blessee and the lifestyle it brings

Being a blessee and the lifestyle it brings

Staying on the trend that still has social media buzzing ‘blessers and blessee’. Blesse Amanda Cele is unemployed but lives in a flat in the suburbs, drives a Mercedes and wears a range of luxury brands. Amanda is joining us in studio to tell us more about her life style.

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  1. we have the freedom to be who ever we want to be Go girl, I just hope and pray there's more of us out their smart enough to not disgrace our womanhood and publicly show our luck of respect for ourselves and other women (married man) her answer to were she sees herself is five years is absolute insanity. beauty and youth doesn't last forever, you need to set some goals for yourself sister.

  2. how does being with a married man and protected sex… you know what I don't even know how to phrase my sentence

  3. Patriarchy is so real. Firstly the interviewers wanna know whether she thinks that her future partner will want to settle down with her given her past. My main concern is men sleep around all the time (Exhibit A: The dude she's cheating with) no one ever asks men about their pasts. Secondly, All these women on here going on about her being a hoe , disgusting this this and that. Two grown people (Amanda and Blesser) decided to have a relationship irrespective of how it affects the people concerned (The Blessers wife and kids) Amanda is not doing this on her own, why aren't you guys directing your slurs at the Blesser as well? Otherwise, Amanda didn't borrow anyone's vagina to sleep around with, She's using her own Vagina. Infact as a married man what are you doing looking for Blessees? When do you guys intend to hold men accountable for their actions? Amanda did not say she has a target market of married men, she just wants a financial supporter. It is the married guy who decided to provide that support.

  4. Girl eversince you guys wear these long hair and all kind of cosmetic surgery you come up with all these old ideas wrapped in new names get back to real life andget a job

  5. Nkandla.. . Gay marriages, blessers.. . Wow. I need to swim to Australia hey.. .

  6. Adulterous and Fornicators will condemned before the throne of the holly god's son Jesus in the last days!!!…..South African let's be carefull coz if we dont then our country will turn in to SODOMA AND GOMORAH

  7. Like seriously guys just stop judging this young lady..atleast she's honest about it..wena u busy pointing fingers while u also sleeping with a man who doesn't bless u with anything..we are all being used in different ways just that we all to stupid enough to see it..atleast this girl is getting something..what about you sleeping with a guy who has nothing and somewhere somehow that guy will leave u and find someone else..if u are not a Virgin you also a prostitute u sleep with Man,worse part u very cheap coz u get nothing..

  8. Young people, it's wonderful to be young! Enjoy every minute of it. Do everything you want to do; take it all in. But remember that you must give an account to God for everything you do.- Ecclesiastes 11:9

  9. what creeps me out about this is the fact that noone has condemned her being with a married man, noone, this can not be normal

  10. The minister says its distgusting but some of this woman are drove into this because of poverty and unemployed

  11. I thought the guy will say "that was Amanda Cele, she is a b*tch"

  12. Sum ppl mara…..yekelani omunye umntana……Its her life, stop judging plz tog

  13. i hope when she settle down , she will still put that brave face when her man becomes a blesser to a girl 10 yrs younger than her. KARMA BAE.

  14. i feel sorry for the blesser's wives and children….these blessees aren't scared of STDs hey

  15. Her voice sounds a little like Bonang's

  16. New World order. Media is brain washing the next generation. GAYS/LESBIANS/BLESSERS are now normal.

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