Mkhwebane: another burden brought by Malema – News24

Mkhwebane: another burden brought by Malema – News24

When this fine lady assumed the office of the Public Protector, many people were skeptical of her but Julius Malema stood by her. He said people should give her a chance. She so far has exhausted all the chances that reasonable people could afford her. Let me highlight three of those:

  1. There were questions of her alliance to the State Security; she has confirmed such fears by having secret meetings with them.

  2. There were questions of her partiality towards the Presidency; she has confirmed such fears as being valid by having secret meetings with the Presidency before revealing her findings on a matter that involved it and the SARB and Banks. The ruling of which was heavily against the SARB and the Banks.

  3. There were fears of her competency; she has laid these fears to rest by ordering Parliament to alter the constitution into her own words.

All the while Julius Malema is quiet. All he is doing is running around courts trying to become the president of South Africa. Or is that what he is doing?

It really is difficult for us now to know the true allegiance of these people. If he is truly fighting for the poor South Africans; shouldn’t he be the first one to stand up, own up to his mistake and correct the mess that he brought to South Africans? There is so much dirt that is being thrown on people’s eyes.

Politicians are conniving for positions while the country is being run to the ground. They are using whatever means necessary to get their hands on whatever it is that they want. Regular South Africans are left in a jungle where mothers and victims have to kill rapists when the police they call are busy doing something much more important than to heed the call of a victim.

Who in this mess has the interests of the people at heart? The institutions that are paramount to our safety are too busy plotting and fighting against each other using the means that which were meant to be implemented for the safeguarding of the nation to paint disgustingly negative pictures of each other. The system is failing us.

We are being turned into criminals for taking the law into our own hands because there is no state there to protect us. And the worst part about it is that we get prosecuted for those crimes we commit defending ourselves. Thank you Julius Malema, I hope you are proud of yourself.

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