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South Africa reputation improves

South Africa has been ranked 45th out of 71 countries for it’s reputation. The Reptrak study measures a country’s reputation from both an internal and external perspective. Amongst the BRICS countries, South Africa is positioned in 3rd place with Brazil and India in first and second places respectively. Joining me …

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A positive week for consumers in South Africa

It’s been a positive week for hard pressed consumers in South Africa. There was good news on the inflation front followed by an interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank on Thursday, the first time that interest rates have been reduced in many years. For more news, visit: http://www.sabc.co.za/news source

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Hope Of International Return With South Africa

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South Africa’s Gupta scandal – BBC Newsnight

In South Africa, allegations of high-level corruption are being fuelled by a huge leak of confidential emails. Mixed up in the scandal is a British PR company, Bell Pottinger, which has been accused of fuelling racial tensions in order to distract attention from a powerful family with links to President …

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Africa: Wild Lion Caught On Camera Nursing Leopard Cub

Photo: Panthera Cats

A five-year-old lioness named "Nosikitok" suckling a leopard cub estimated to be only three weeks old.

A lion has been photographed nursing a leopard cub in the first-ever known case of cross-species suckling among wild cats. The two species are normally mortal enemies.

The photographs were taken at Tanzania's Ngorongoro Conservation Area earlier this week and published by the wild cat conservation group Panthera.

The images show a five-year-old lioness named "Nosikitok" suckling a leopard cub estimated to be only three weeks old.

The organization said same-species adoption among wild cats has been known to occur, but cross-species suckling had never been observed before.

"This is a truly unique case," said Panthera President and Chief Conservation Officer Luke Hunter. "I know of no other example of inter-species adoption or nursing like this among big cats in the wild."

"Nosikitok" is radio-collared and monitored by KopeLion, a Tanzanian conservation NGO supported by Panthera that works with the local Maasai community to protect lions.

The lioness is known to have given birth to her own cubs recently, making her "physiologically primed" to care for cubs, according to Hunter. The leopard cub is believed to be the same age and a similar size to the lioness's own cubs.

Hunter said "Nosikitok" would be "awash with a ferocious maternal drive" but it is still mystifying why she would suckle the cub of another species.

"It is quite possible she has lost her own cubs, and found the leopard cub in her bereaved state when she would be particularly vulnerable," he said.

The photographs were taken on Tuesday and since then "Nosikitok" has returned to her pride. It is unknown what happened to the leopard cub.

Hunter said it is possible that the leopard's mother picked up the cub from "lioness day care."

However, he said that if the cub was not under the care of its mother its chances of survival were very low.

"The natural odds are stacked against this little fellow," Hunter said, pointing out that 40 percent of lion cubs don't make it to adulthood in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

"It is very unlikely that the lioness's pride will accept it," he said. "Lions have very rich, complicated social relationships in which they recognize individuals - by sight and by roars - and so they are very well equipped to distinguish their cubs from others. If the rest of the pride finds the cub, it is likely it would be killed."

Hunter said that even if the leopard cub managed to survive with a lion pride until it became independent after 12 to 18 months, it would likely go out on its own.

"Even its early exposure to lion society would not override the millions of years of evolution that has equipped the leopard to be a supreme solitary hunter," he said. "I am sure it would go its own way."

cw/ng (dpa, Reuters)


WHO Africa Health Forum App Leads the Way

You can meet the most interesting people at conferences. If you can make your way through the sea of people… Read more »

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Revolution too important to be left to ANC alone – Blade Nzimande – Politicsweb

PoliticswebRevolution too important to be left to ANC alone - Blade NzimandePoliticswebOn behalf of the Central Committee and all of you, I am sure I would not be amiss to congratulate you on what has been a successful 14th Congress our party, the South African Communist Party, the SACP. Let me also take this opportunity to congratulate ...SACP: Decision to contest elections while in alliance not contradictionEyewitness NewsSACP contesting elections doesn'

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जानिए क्यों South Africa के धाकड़ गेंदबाज Andre Nell ने की थी Suicide की कोशिश

In this video we will tell you about the South African bowler Andre Nell who tried for a suicide. Watch this video to see the full story! Subscribe Us for Latest News & Updates ►http://bit.ly/NMFNEWS Download the NMF News APP ► http://bit.ly/2gIeX6Y Stay Connected with Us : Facebook ► http://bit.ly/2hrPApV …

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South African economy at risk of further fiscal pressures

The South African economy is at risk of a protracted weak growth and further fiscal pressures if confidence levels do not recover fast. That’s according to Old Mutual Investment Group’s economist Rian Le Roux. He says as a short term priority, government needs to reassure investors and consumers over the …

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Lions killed in South Africa after escaping Kruger reserve – BBC News

BBC NewsLions killed in South Africa after escaping Kruger reserveBBC NewsThree lions which had escaped from a world famous game reserve in South Africa have been killed. A farmer living near Kruger National Park (KNP) shot dead one of the males when he found all three eating one of his cows, a parks spokeswoman said.UPDATE: Three Kruger Park lions who escaped shot deadEyewitness News3 Lions Shot After Escaping From South Africa's Kruger ParkNDTVSANParks responds to imminent strikes at national parksLowvelderTimes LIVE -Mirror

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Tony da Fonseca on South Africa’s Franchise Awards

The Franchise Association of South Africa’s Franchise Awards for Excellence in Franchising, sponsored by Sanlam and held this past week-end, honoured those franchise brands that have bucked the negative trends to show resilience and growth in these trying times. Joining me now is Tony da Fonseca The Franchise Association. For …

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Microsoft’s data centre investment to boost SA cloud adoption


Robert Marston, ‎Global Head of Product at SEACOM. Microsoft’s announcement that it plans to build hyperscale datacentres in Cape Town and Johannesburg to deliver a range of cloud services, is set to give a massive boost to enterprise adoption of infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service and other cloud services in South Africa. That’s the word from Robert Marston, ‎Global Head of Product at SEACOM, who says that Microsoft’s decision to locally host cloud services such as ...

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Karun Nair Focuses On South Africa A Tour | Oneindia Malayalam

Karun Nair, who is only the second Indian batsman to score a triple hundred in Test Cricket after Virender Sehwag, was dropped from the test squad for India’s tour od Sri Lanka this month. India will play three tests followed by five ODIs and one T20I against South Africa. ദക്ഷിണാഫ്രിക്കയിലേക്കുള്ള …

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How a London PR firm was forced to apologize for sowing racial division in South Africa – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles TimesHow a London PR firm was forced to apologize for sowing racial division in South AfricaLos Angeles TimesEarlier this year, an army of Twitter bots emerged in South Africa, firing off a barrage of tweets that carried the same basic message: White capitalists had replaced one form of apartheid with another and were conspiring to hold ...

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Miss South Africa Racist? | South Africa

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