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NASA to expose maize cartel – The Star, Kenya

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The Star, KenyaNASA to expose maize cartelThe Star, KenyaThe vessel at the port of Mombasa with 29,900 tonnes of Maize from Mexico on May 12. Phot/Elkana Jacob. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Email. NASA will expose the cartels behind the importation of the controversial maize from Mexico tomorrow ...Raila aims for majority of seats in both HousesDaily NationRaila's six-piece voting call in Nyanza opposedThe Standardall 24 news articles »

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Kicking Zuma out won’t make any difference to the ANC

Kicking Zuma out won’t make any difference to the ANC

TMG Digital | 2017-05-20 15:01:44.0

Democratic Alliance leader, Mmusi Maimane, addressed a public meeting at Matjhabeng in the Free State on Saturday.
Image by: DA via Twitter

Kicking President Jacob Zuma out and replacing him with someone else will make no difference at all to the ANC. The culture of corruption is part of the ANC now and cannot be corrected‚ says Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane.

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Addressing a public meeting at Matjhabeng in the Free State on Saturday‚ Maimane said he believed everyone could agree that the country needed to change.

“Our country is heading the wrong way and soon it may be too late to turn around. We have stopped making progress as a nation. We are no longer marching towards economic freedom for all‚” he said.

South Africa‚ he added‚ had entered its second struggle era – this time the struggle for economic freedom for all. The struggle to escape the economic oppression of ANC rule.

Business calls for immediate judicial probe into State Capture 

“I’m talking about a South Africa in which all of us have a say in how this country of ours must be rebuilt – what it should look like and how we can all benefit from it.

“I’m talking about a South Africa built on tolerance and respect for each other.

“I’m talking about a South Africa where violence against women is not tolerated. Where we stand up‚ as one‚ against anyone who thinks they have the right to treat women as their possession.

“I’m talking about a South Africa that is no longer the rape and murder capital of the world; where children don’t disappear every day‚ and where our streets and our neighbourhoods belong to the people who live there once more‚” Mamaine said.

SACP vows to step up fight corruption‚ corporate capture and misgovernance 

He added that he was speaking about a South Africa where the leaders set the examples for others to follow. Where law and order started at the top.

“I’m talking about a South Africa that works. That creates jobs in every town and every city‚ and that invests in educating and training our youth to fill these jobs.

“I’m talking about a South Africa free from the ANC. We have to start thinking and talking about our future without the ANC. Because only then can we start to move forward.”



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One dead as mutinous I.Coast soldiers take to streets

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One person died Sunday after mutinous soldiers took to the streets in Ivory Coast's central second city Bouake as fresh tensions gripped the world's top cocoa grower.

The victim was among five men and a mother-of-three who were hospitalised after being struck by warning shots fired to keep residents inside their homes, an AFP photographer saw.

About 15 others were treated for minor injuries.

"(He), Issouf Diawara, finally died from his bullet wounds," his brother Souleymane Diawara told AFP. "I am a distraught man."

Diawara was hit on Saturday amid clashes between former rebels, some of whom have now been integrated into the army, and those who have disarmed but not integrated.

Ivorian soldiers shoot at residents


The two groups are clashing over government payments.

Under a deal negotiated with the government in January, struck after the ex-rebel soldiers' first mutiny, they were to be paid bonuses of 12 million CFA francs (18,000 euros) each, with an initial payment of five million francs that month.

The remainder was to be paid starting this month, according to rebel sources.

But the government has struggled to pay the soldiers the promised money, while the non-military ex-fighters are now demanding their own government payments.

The soldiers revolted over the bonus payments by taking to the streets on Friday and blocked access to Bouake, which served as the rebel headquarters after a failed 2002 coup which split Ivory Coast in half and led to years of unrest.


Several Bouake residents were beaten by patrolling renegade soldiers.

Another person was injured by soldiers rebelling in Korhogo, the main city in the north.

Armed forces chief of staff, General Sekou Toure, said in a statement Sunday that "a military operation is underway to re-establish order" and made a televised appeal to the disgruntled soldiers to return to barracks.

Later the protesting soldiers reopened access to Bouake, while still insisting on the promised money and refusing to hand in their guns.

"We want the money, that's all. There's nothing to discuss," one of them said, after firing his Kalashnikov rifle into the air.


The mutineers also attacked the headquarters of President Alassane Ouattara's ruling Rally of Republicans RDR party.

"Everyone who was there was badly beaten. There are many injured," party official Moriba Toure told AFP

Korhogo residents had gathered to protest against the mutiny but were dispersed by the rebellious soldiers.

Troops have also rebelled in the central city of Daloa, a major trading hub in Ivory Coast's cocoa belt.

On Sunday, rebels took up positions on a roundabout in front of Bouake's police headquarters, shooting into the air to prevent residents gathering for a planned protest against their revolt.


"There's too much shooting this morning, it's practically impossible to go and attend mass. I'll pray with my family at home," local resident Jean Yves Kobena said.

Bouake was the epicentre of the mutiny in January by the former rebel soldiers who had been integrated into the army.

Negotiations Saturday between the rebels and military commanders in Bouake failed to end the blockade and the rebels warned they would fight back if the army tried to intervene.

"They can send whoever they want. We're ready," one of several masked soldiers at one checkpoint told AFP.

Many of the soldiers participated in the 2002 uprising aimed at bolstering support for Ouattara.


They also backed Ouattara against Ivory Coast's long-time leader Laurent Gbagbo, who refused to accept his defeat to Ouattara in a much-delayed 2010 presidential election.

The rebels controlled the northern half of Ivory Coast until 2011, and were later integrated into the army.

On Thursday, a soldier presented as a spokesman for some 8,400 former rebels said in a televised ceremony that they wished to apologise to President Ouattara for the mutiny and renounced the demand for huge payouts.

But this was largely viewed with scepticism in the former star French colony, which is slowly regaining its credentials as a West African powerhouse and a haven of peace and prosperity.

Ivory Coast has an army numbering around 22,000 soldiers, but falling cocoa prices have severely crimped the government's finances.

Last year, the government unveiled an ambitious plan to modernise the military, part of which would involve the departure of several thousand men, particularly ex-rebels, who will not be replaced.

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Ivorian soldiers shoot at residents

City was the epicentre of another army rebellion in January.

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Human Settlements Ombudsman appointed – Bizcommunity.com

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BuzzSouthAfrica.comHuman Settlements Ombudsman appointedBizcommunity.comThe Department of Human Settlements has established an Ombudsman Office to deal with issues of conflict between contractors, provinces and municipalities, Minister Lindiwe Sisulu announced on Thursday.Human Settlements Development Bank to be launchedIndependent OnlineSisulu calls for fast housing deliveryEyewitness NewsNew bank for the housing gap marketTimes LIVEall 9 news articles »

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ANC calls for inquiry into private financing of political parties – Citizen

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CitizenANC calls for inquiry into private financing of political partiesCitizenForeign funding must be regulated to avoid abuse and manipulation by external forces in the political affairs of our country, says Mthembu. The ANC in parliament has called for a parliamentary inquiry into private financing of political parties ...Parliament: ANC promises to end secrecy on private political funding, but wants more

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Côte d’Ivoire: The mutiny may be over, but the army’s problems are not

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Reforming a fragmented army will be tough in Côte d’Ivoire’s tense atmosphere. Could foreign deployment provide an alternative solution? Cote d’Ivoire has recently sent 150 troops to support the UN mission in Mali. Credit: UN Photo/Marco Dormino. The five-day mutiny in Côte d’Ivoire is reportedly over following an agreement with the government yesterday. Gunfire and roadblocks had paralysed towns and cities across...

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Freeing Delta 8 An Insult To Judiciary – NDC – Peace FM Online

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Peace FM OnlineFreeing Delta 8 An Insult To Judiciary – NDCPeace FM OnlineThe opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed its disgust at the freeing of eight members of New Patriotic Party (NPP) vigilante group, Delta Force. According to Minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu who addressed the news conference said ...Delta Force AG not aware of discontinuation of Delta 8 casePulse.com.ghall 30 news articles »

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IEBC should look us in the eye – The Star, Kenya

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The Star, KenyaIEBC should look us in the eyeThe Star, KenyaThe Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission is at a crossroads. The referee is undecided on how to proceed, even though the Constitution guarantees its operational independence. Ahead of the supposedly independent electoral agency lie two ...IEBC in crisis talks over pollsDaily NationIEBC designing the longest ballot paper in Kenya's historyThe Standardall 11 news articles »

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Nigeria: "Stay Off Politics," Army Chief Buratai Warns Nigerian Soldiers As Coup Rumours Spread – AllAfrica.com

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AllAfrica.comNigeria: "Stay Off Politics," Army Chief Buratai Warns Nigerian Soldiers As Coup Rumours SpreadAllAfrica.comThe Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, has given a stern warning to army officials to stay off politics and politically related activities. Mr. Buratai gave the order on Tuesday via a statement issued by the Army spokesperson, Sani Usman, a brigadier ...With Buhari away, Nigeria army chief warns troops about 'politicking'IndependentHow coup

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MIKE ROUSSOS: So Jacob Zuma is forced to resign. What happens to the ANC? – Rand Daily Mail (registration)

Without getting into all the complexities of this situation, this entrenched a reliance on “political appointments” within the civil service, to drive the implementation of the policies that emerged from the new democratic government. Although this was felt most acutely at the top levels of the civil service (those officials who worked directly with the new Ministers, MEC’s and
Councillors) this quickly became the norm throughout the many levels of the civil service. Even though we find it difficult to accept this today – this happened due to imperatives that are rooted in our oppressive history – and in the need to transform the country in the post-apartheid democratic era.

This trend is understandable and even justifiable – but it does not change the fact that these imperatives have left us with a Civil Service that is very far from being the independent, professional, corps of skilled administrators who (efficiently and effectively) implement the policies of the government of the day – regardless of who they may be.

That was always our desired end-goal, as epitomised (or at least striven for) in many of the best models of governance that exist globally. We have instead created a politicised civil service that is inclined to carry out the will of their political master, no matter how corrupt or self-defeating that may be to the policies of the country.

The new ANC leadership will also have to contend with the fact that 23 years after democracy – 23 years of ANC government have failed to fundamentally tackle the major problems we face as a country. Our education system – despite spending significantly more than many developing countries – has failed to achieve our basic goals – thus failing our children. Our criminal justice system – despite having one of the best constitutions in the world – and despite efforts to learn crime-detection and crime-fighting skills from the best examples available world-wide – has left us with a police force that has been crippled by politicians who fear being held to account for their transgressions. Our economy has made important strides in the first decade after liberation, but since then it has been on a downward slide that has been entrenched by politicians who are more interested in short term gains for themselves, than in doing what is needed to strengthen our economy.

A transforming ANC will have to persuade our people that they are now putting in place measures that will allow them to tackle all the crippling blockages that prevented previous administrations from being able to address these imperative social needs.

Is all this possible?

If not, is our only option to vote for another party - in the hope that they will be able to do something to address these challenges?

Our history since democracy has demonstrated that the bulk of our people do not really believe that there is a viable alternative to the ANC, within the current political set-up. Small numbers have moved to other parties – the DA has consolidated its support base within the White and the Coloured communities – with increasing numbers of Indian people also voting for them. Within the Black (African) community, they have only attracted a small group of middle class / professional individuals to their camp. The EFF has attracted a smaller group of dedicated supporters – including some of the bright youngsters emerging from our universities – but they are not (at this point) a viable alternative to the ANC for the bulk of our people.

The option that most disaffected ANC supporters take – is to stop voting in our elections. This obviously has an impact on the ANC’s ability to stay in power – as witnessed in the various Metros and other councils that have fallen to coalitions of opposition parties.

But is this enough to transform our society and to address our challenging social problems?

The ability of a new ANC leadership to persuade our people that they are able to move away from the devastation caused by their predecessors, is arguably quite remote. On the other hand, our recent history has demonstrated that most ANC supporters are more likely to abstain from voting at all – rather than vote for the existing alternatives.

Is there any other alternative?

If the dedicated leaders within the ANC decide to split and form a new party – perhaps with sections of the existing opposition parties – then maybe an alternative can emerge from this mess.

A Phoenix that can rise from the ashes of our failed democratic transformation!

Mike Roussos was a Trade Unionist with various unions during the anti-apartheid struggles – for a period of almost 10 years. He then worked for various corporates, ending his time with them at an executive level. He has been the CEO of a number of companies, ranging from IT to Legal Insurance to Metal manufacturing. He has worked for Government as a consultant and as a Head of Department. He has consulted to a range of companies, from small start-ups to large international corporates.

He has been an activist in a range of areas, from his time as a student within the Catholic student movement, to the unions, to the UDF during the struggle against apartheid, to the Catholic Church Justice and Peace structures, to the struggle against climate change and for a variety of alternative energy initiatives.

He has never been a politician and hopes to maintain this unblemished record, to the end of his days.

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Don’t look away now: DR Congo is at greatest risk than for years

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The combination of local conflicts and a national level crisis makes each more dangerous than they would be in isolation. What can domestic and international actors do to mitigate the risks? Credit: MONUSCO/Michael Ali. Recent months in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have seen border incursions by rebels, decapitation of police, civilian massacres, and the collapse of talks aimed at overcoming the country’s political impasse. Such news has become depressingly common in a country that has struggled with instability for decades. But the recent combination of events is not just more of the same. The ...

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S.Africa court hears case on Zuma confidence vote – eNCA

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eNCAS.Africa court hears case on Zuma confidence voteeNCASeveral hundred protesters marched to the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg in the latest demonstrations against Zuma, who has been implicated in a series of corruption scandals. Photo: GIANLUIGI GUERCIA / AFP. File: South African chief Justice ...Op-Ed: Collapse of ethics in public life – how do we rebuild?Daily MaverickSouth Africa court to rule on Zuma confidence voteAljazeera.comWe are disgusted by court's overreach -

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DP Ruto tells off Nasa leaders on cost of living – Daily Nation

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Daily NationDP Ruto tells off Nasa leaders on cost of livingDaily NationDeputy President William Ruto addressing a rally in Kimilili, Bungoma County, on May 14, 2017. He has hit out at the opposition for their criticism over the high cost of living. PHOTO | DPPS. In Summary. The Deputy President William Ruto said the Nasa ...DP Ruto blasts NASA over maize importThe StandardRuto visits Western Kenya, urges residents to support JubileeThe Star, Kenyaall 14 news articles »

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Ramaphosa backer Zamani Saul elected NC chairperson – Citizen

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CitizenRamaphosa backer Zamani Saul elected NC chairpersonCitizenZamani Saul addresses the media about the case launched by the Director of Public Prosecutions against prominent ANC members on November 21, 2012 at the Kimberley Magistrate Court, Northern Cape. Picture: Gallo Images ...​Claims that delegations were manipulated heard at ANC Northern Cape conferenceMail & GuardianLucas not giving up the fight after Saul wins ANC Northern Cape electionNews24#ANCNC: Alliance partners

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Zimbabwe’s opposition coalition: Avengers Assemble or Suicide Squad?

Image zimbabwe-coalition-Tsvangirai-mujuru.jpg

If the coalition holds until the 2018 elections, it could lead the strongest challenge yet to Mugabe. But that’s a big if. The opposition alliance has seen former foes, such as former PM Morgan Tsvangira and former VP Joice Mujuru, join forces. On 19 April, two of Zimbabwe’s most prominent politicians agreed to join forces to unseat President Robert Mugabe. With next year’s elections almost in sight, former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai and former vice-president Joice Mujuru signed an agreement to form an opposition coalition. They shook hands and smiled at each other before making some comments. “We have taken the first step to bring all Zimbabweans under one...

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ANC NC conference gets underway with Lucas slammed for reshuffle – News24

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News24ANC NC conference gets underway with Lucas slammed for reshuffleNews24Rivals Zamani Saul and Sylvia Lucas contesting ANC NC chair chat during congress. (Mahlatse Gallens, News24). Multimedia · User Galleries · News in Pictures Send us your pictures · Send us your stories. What To Read Next. While Sassa needs more ...Logistical problems delay start of ANC Northern Cape congressTimes LIVEall 40 news articles »

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