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#WomensMonth: Bravo to women standing up against abuse – Independent Online

Minister of Women in the Presidency Susan Shabangu and chairperson of the National Council of Provinces Thandi Modise were infuriated by Manana’s conduct and that came out in their reactions.

Shabangu said the incident was unacceptable and nothing could ever justify Manana’s behaviour. Modise said Manana was out of order for assaulting the two women.

They captured civilised society’s sentiments about the deputy minister’s conduct. Both men and women who abhor gender-based violence were thoroughly disgusted.

The same, however, cannot be said about ANC Women’s League president Bathabile Dlamini, who has reportedly told a Sunday newspaper there were other senior government leaders who were worse culprits. Why she hasn’t raised this before this incident involving Manana remains curious. However, that is a matter for another day.

Even in his apology Deputy Minister of Higher Education Mduduzi Manana sought to blame the victims, says the writer. Picture: Chris Collingridge

Her alleged comment is unfortunate and sends a confusing signal to society, especially because the ANCWL had initially released a statement that condemned violence against women and for perpetrators to face the full might of the law.

Whereas some had expected the ANCWL to be even more appalled and call for Manana to fall on his sword (its statement was mild), none had expected its president to argue political tools and motives where, frankly, none exist.

Manana needed no political motives by others to land himself in the mess he is in.

Calling for Manana’s removal from the government is not a political tool but an insistence on accountability - a rare commodity among the political class. Everyone, even politicians and officials, should be held accountable for their actions.

The government's leaders like using the passive voice to refer to their bad decisions and conduct. “Mistakes were made”, and “things got out of control” etc. And even when they say “I take responsibility”, they almost never actually take responsibility by, for example, resigning.

Although Manana is entitled to his own life outside of the workplace, beating women in public places (even privately) is not something he is entitled to.

His conduct was publicly offensive. Those who choose to politically serve the community will inevitably have their private lives and public action under scrutiny.

Needless to say, Manana’s less than professional behaviour raises questions about what we, as society, expect and deserve from our elected officials.

Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula addressed the media last week about Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Mduduzi Manana’s alleged assault. Picture: Cindy Waxa

As someone who is in the education sector (not that it would make it less offensive if he held another portfolio), he set a poor example for the youth at tertiary institutions. Elected officials should be the role models and pillars of our society, not the scoundrels that women abusers are.

We have a responsibility as the people they represent to demand that they be held accountable, and if their superiors and comrades won’t do it, then we must remember that next time we go to the election polls.

I say all the above because unless society shows its seriousness about stopping the abuse of women, this problem will continue. We need everyone to grasp that violence against women and girls is a problem for us all to eliminate.

Indeed, we expect those in the government to be at the forefront of the battle against women abuse.

In recent years, South Africa has strengthened its efforts on the role of men and boys in challenging violence and shifting attitudes, and this is key to addressing violence against women and girls.

This is all commendable and one would have thought that Manana would be alive to how his strategic position could be used to influence the behaviour of young men, particularly at our tertiary institutions. It is a role he could still play, provided he understands what remorse is.

Unfortunately, even in his apology he displays the social norm that removes responsibility from the perpetrator and seeks to blame the victims. This is unacceptable as it allows social norms to promote the idea that the victims are to blame.

This is damaging to the victims and also tends to influence how women and girls affected by violence are dealt with by institutions, including the institutions responsible for protecting them. And then we wonder why the police were not prompt in arresting Manana.

Bravo to Mandisa Duma and Tina Mapita, the victims of Manana’s attack, for refusing to be silent and invisible statistics. Others could have been intimidated by Manana’s public office.

In conclusion, Manana is a likeable young deputy minister with a lot of potential. I once listened to him during a parliamentary debate and he impressed me. However, he must take responsibility for his behaviour and learn to make safe, respectful and non-violent choices even in the face of extreme provocation. He is a public figure and an elected official, after all.

* Pastor Ray McCauley is the president of Rhema Family of Churches and co-chairperson of the National Religious Leaders Council

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

The Star

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Bail granted in KZN video assault matter – News24

Nation – Google News – News24 Bail granted in KZN video assault matterNews24Durban – The attacker in a viral video that showed a schoolboy assaulting a female learner in a KwaZulu-Natal school was granted bail of R1 500 at the Ntuzuma Magistrate's Court on Monday. Lindokuhle Dube, 19, had been …

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ANC can no longer claim moral high ground – Independent Online

The ANC 26 need to be commended for their courage to effect change in our political landscape, even if it may be seen unconventional.

In a normal situation where moral logic reigns, the NEC of the ANC should have recalled President Jacob Zuma long ago. There is a litany of scandals that requires no repetition that has engulfed the Zuma presidency in the last eight years of his tenure.

From sex scandals to state capture, Zuma is the most compromised president the ANC has ever had in its century-long existence and there is every logical political reason he shouldn’t still be at the helm of the organisation if the ANC is serious about rediscovering its moral compass.

But because of a glaring evidence of patronage as an instrument of control, the ANC has been rendered powerless to prevail on him even where doing so would not have necessarily meant getting rid of him.

The Nkandla scandal is a case in point. The ANC will have us believe that all along they were of the wise view the president should take the Nkandla report on review. What remains a mystery to this day is why was this not made a resolution of the NEC that could then bind the president like any other member of the NEC. The answer is simply that Zuma has such a hold on NEC members that it’s almost impossible to censure him.

The events of last week must therefore be understood in this context of an NEC that is incapable of showing leadership in the worst time in the history of the ANC and at a time when there is a desperate need for an alternative platform to save the ANC from itself.

Such leadership inaction by the NEC is intricately linked to allegations of capture if the state of capture report and the Gupta emails are anything to go by.

The recent boycott by veterans of the policy conference is an example of what various parts of the movement that have decided that simply following the party-established platforms is no longer adequate as they assume a normal situation in the midst of the abnormality that has been introduced by corruption and patronage. The actions of the 26 MPs must therefore be viewed in this context.

If the ANC NEC had acted with a modicum of integrity they would have recalled Zuma by now and that way give those who represent the ANC in Parliament a defendable posture in the context of the oath of office that these MPs have taken to place the interest of the country above their individual party interests.

What the ANC under Zuma has done is to place Zuma’s interests to remain in power stubbornly above the interests of the country - and even above the interests of the ANC.

When the structures are geared towards producing outcomes that are at variance with the constitution, the members who are guided by values of the ANC have a duty to their organisation to break ranks.

According to all reasonable and believable indications, the ANC was reluctant for the Speaker to declare a secret ballot, aware of the shaky ground they are treading on.

Its chief whip’s mindless rant intimidating the country against removing a corrupt president was a dead giveaway about the position the ANC would have the Speaker take. She defied this flawed line and went on what many described as a principled stance akin to the stance of the 26 brave MPs.

By granting a secret ballot, she brought the Zuma administration to the brink of a necessary collapse. The significance of this act cannot be underplayed.

Through this act alone, the ANC is in a mad trance and has embarked on an ethics-bereft witch hunt for MPs who voted with their consciences .

No sooner had the ANC realised that they were almost toppled by their own then they were threatening all kinds of fire and brimstone.

This shows you the level of moral collapse in the party - that in the face of public sympathy with the MPs whose actions were seen as brave and principled, they sought to use whatever was left of public credibility to pursue and hound out the members whose actions give hope in the fact that in the ANC, not everyone is captured by evil.

It is clear the ANC will no longer be able to claim any moral high ground in our politics.

The post-voting jubilation and misplaced triumphalism amongst die-hard Zuma supporters underlines a loss of shame for a party whose only silver lining is the breaking of ranks by the brave 26 Members of Parliament who, for a change, placed party before country.

* Keswa is a businesswoman. She writes in her personal capacity. Follow her on Twitter: @lebokeswa

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

The Sunday Independent

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Shaka Sisulu charged with assault – News24

Nation – Google News – News24 Shaka Sisulu charged with assaultNews24Political activist Shaka Sisulu may face the music for allegedly assaulting his former partner and the mother of his child, Lerato Sedi. Sedi, who works as a chef, told City Press this week that she would not have agreed to …

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Multitalented Dumi Masilela laid to rest – News24

Nation – Google News – News24 Multitalented Dumi Masilela laid to restNews24Mourners paid tribute to slain actor Dumi Masilela during an emotional send-off on Saturday morning. Masilela's coffin was covered with a South African flag and flanked by Ekurhuleni metro police officers throughout the proceedings. Masilela was …'Dumi lived for …

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Police vow to take ‘firm action’ against school assault video abuser – Times LIVE

Although he cannot recall who he spoke to‚ every attempt will be made to identify those who may have been responsible so that they could be brought to book. The SAPS views the problem of gender violence in a very serious light and will not accept officials who act outside the prescripts of the law as all as those who do not comply with our internal directives in this regard.

“We are working very closely with the father of the victim to identify the officials that he spoke to last year. We view the actions of these individuals as very serious misconduct and they will be dealt with very firmly‚" he said.

Meanwhile‚ the KZN education department said it was taking action against the school for how it handled the case last year.

"As the KZN education department we visited the school [on Friday morning] on a fact-finding mission and the school principal gave us a report which indicated that‚ in fact‚ the incident happened in November 2016.

We have identified some gaps in the manner in which the school handled the matter‚ which are the things that we must then correct as the department. We have ordered that the internal tribunal be started afresh and that it be headed at a level of a district office to ensure transparency‚" the department said in a statement on Saturday morning.

The statement also confirmed that the 19-year-old was being kept in SAPS custody.

"The department of education in KwaZulu-Natal will continue to ensure the safety of all learners in schools. We also wish to thank all those whistle-blowers who continue to report bad behaviour to our authorities.

We stand firm against all forms of violent incidents that may occur in our schools. We will follow this particular case closely to ensure that justice is served‚" the statement concluded.

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The tale of desert survivor McGown – Citizen

Nation – Google News – Citizen The tale of desert survivor McGownCitizenThe South African government has insisted that no ransom was paid to free Stephen McGown, held hostage by Al-Qaeda in Mali for nearly six years, despite some media reports saying $4.2 million was handed over.Briton freed after six years …

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Mduduzi Manana may still be arrested this week – Citizen

Nation – Google News – Citizen Mduduzi Manana may still be arrested this weekCitizenDeputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Mduduzi Manana shows a Bioplus sachet which he uses to boost his energy to study. Picture: Facebook. Reports have indicated he could make an appearance by Friday. Deputy Higher Education …

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