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‘Eight dead’ in wall collapse at Senegal’s Demba Dior

'Eight dead' in wall collapse at Senegal's Demba Dior

Eight people are reported to have died after a wall collapsed at a football stadium in Senegal.

Many more are thought to have been wounded.

It happened at Demba Diop stadium in the capital, Dakar, at the end of the League Cup final between Stade de Mbour and Union Sportive Ouakam.

With the score 1-1 after 90 minutes, Mbour scored in first period of extra time to win 2-1, and violence broke out after the final whistle.

Several media outlets report that fighting started between rival fans and police responded by using tear gas, which led to panic.

Pictures circulating online appear to show people scrambling over a low wall amid clouds of gas.

Local news agency APS reported that a stampede occurred after the clashes.

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Nigerian chief suspended by Lagos governor over fake kidnap

Nigerian chief suspended by Lagos governor over fake kidnap

Image copyright Lagos state government Image caption Nigeria police paraded Chief Yusuf Ogundare (right) and his bother Mohammed Adams (left) after their arrest

A Nigerian traditional chief in the state of Lagos has been suspended after he confessed to faking his own kidnap.

Lagos state Governor Akinwunmi Ambode said the incident was "an embarrassment to the state".

He said in a statement that investigations had found that Chief Yusuf Ogundare had conspired with his family to frame a rival chief for the disappearance.

Kidnappings for ransom are common in southern Nigeria.

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The governor ordered the chief to stop performing his chieftain duties immediately - to "stop parading [yourself] as Baale of Shangisha with immediate effect".

Chief Ogundare was reported to have been kidnapped on 5 July and released by his captors six days later.


His brother, Mohammed Adams, who was paraded alongside him after their arrest, had reported Chief Ogundare missing and alleged that they had both been kidnapped by people who wanted to sell land to the chief.

Eye-witnesses told police that they had seen the chief "frolicking" around the south-western cities of Ibadan and Ilorin.

According to the governor's statement, the chief's alleged captors dropped him off in the Alausa area on 11 July in a "suspicious manner", alerting police who were on patrol in the area to investigate the matter.

Kidnappings have been on the rise in Nigeria.

The BBC's Didi Akinyelure in Lagos notes that police recently celebrated the arrest of a kidnapping kingpin but in another high-profile case, a group of children abducted more than six weeks ago have yet to be released.

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Egypt Hurghada stabbing: Two Germans killed at Red Sea resort

Egypt Hurghada stabbing: Two Germans killed at Red Sea resort

Image copyright EPA Image caption Hurghada is a popular resort renowned for its scuba diving

Two German tourists have been killed in stabbings at a hotel beach in the popular Red Sea resort of Hurghada, Egyptian officials say.

At least four other people were injured and a man has been arrested.

The suspect is being questioned by police to determine his motives, the interior ministry said.

The knifeman initially killed the two women before injuring two other tourists at the Zahabia hotel, officials told Reuters news agency.

He then swam to a nearby beach and attacked and wounded two more people at the Sunny Days El Palacio resort before he was overpowered by staff and arrested.

"He had a knife with him and stabbed each of them three times in the chest. They died on the beach," El Palacio hotel Security Manager Saud Abdelaziz said.

Mr Abdelaziz said the injured include two Czechs and two Armenians. All are now being treated in hospital.

The attacker's motive was still under investigation, the interior ministry said.

"He was looking for foreigners and he didn't want any Egyptians," a member of staff at the Zahabia hotel said.

Three foreign tourists were stabbed at the same resort, renowned for its scuba diving, in January 2016 by two suspected militants from the Islamic State militant group (IS).

Image copyright EPA Image caption Emergency services were quick to arrive at the scene of the attacks Image copyright AFP Image caption Hurghada has a high number of foreign tourists

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Initial reports had said those killed were Ukrainian, but Ukrainian officials denied this.

It is unclear whether the attacker had any links to jihadist groups or whether he was psychologically disturbed, officials said.

Egypt's security forces are dealing with an Islamist uprising in the country's Sinai Peninsula. The tourist industry has been targeted by militants in North Africa over the past few years.

A Russian passenger plane was brought down by a bomb in the peninsula in October 2015, killing all 224 people on board.

In June 2015 at least 39 people, mostly foreigners, were killed and 36 injured in an attack on a beach in the Tunisian resort town of Sousse.

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Rwanda killed 37 petty criminals, Human Rights Watch says

Rwanda killed 37 petty criminals, Human Rights Watch says

Image copyright Human Rights Watch Image caption These are some of the people allegedly killed

Rwandan authorities have summarily executed "at least 37" people accused of committing minor criminal offences, instead of prosecuting them, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says.

The government in Kigali denies that any extrajudicial killings took place.

Most of the alleged victims were accused of theft - in one case stealing bananas.

Others were accused of smuggling marijuana, illegally entering the country, or using illegal fishing nets.

Human Rights Watch says the executions took place between July 2016 and March 2017 in western Rwanda.

They believe it is part of an official strategy to "spread fear, enforce order and deter any resistance to government orders or policies".

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Witnesses told HRW the fate of one man, accused of stealing a cow, was decided in a community meeting. Fulgence Rukundo was questioned about the stolen cow, then taken to a community meeting with the district mayor.

One witness described what happened next:

"When the meeting was finished, the soldiers walked Fulgence to a small field near a banana plantation. There were many of us following; some were primary students.

We wanted to see what would happen... A soldier told him to stand up and walk, and another soldier told us to leave. At that moment, I heard three shots."

The report by HRW also alleges that, in another case, two men were killed by civilians after local officials encouraged them to do so.

In a tweet, Rwanda's Minister of Justice Johnston Busingye rejected the report outright:

Image copyright Twitter

Mr Busingye has declined the BBC's request for an interview.

HRW has previously accused Rwanda of rounding up thousands of street children and sex workers and putting them in illegal detention centres - the government also denied these allegations.

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Lions escape from South Africa’s Kruger National Park

Lions escape from South Africa's Kruger National Park

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption It is feared the lions will try to kill livestock on farms near Matsulu

South African wildlife rangers are searching for four male lions that escaped from a national park.

The lions escaped from Kruger National Park on Sunday night and were last seen in the village of Matsulu, South African National Parks said in a statement.

It warned residents to "exercise extra caution".

It is not yet clear how the lions escaped from the park, which is largely fenced off.

Kruger National Park (KNP) is one of the biggest game reserves in Africa, covering an area of 7,523 sq miles (19,485 sq km).

"KNP Rangers and their counterparts at the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) are in the area searching for the lions and we will give details as soon as they have appraised us," KNP spokesperson William Mabasa said in the statement.

"SANParks would like to reiterate that residents should be extra vigilant and report any sightings of these dangerous predators to the authorities."

The latest escape comes after five lions broke out of the same park in May. Four of them were caught but the fifth is still unaccounted for.

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Kenyan MPs to get 15% pay cut

Image copyright AFP Image caption Kenyans have been protesting against MPs' pay for many years

Kenyan MPs, who are some of the best paid lawmakers in the world, are to get a pay cut intended to reduce the public wage bill.

The MPs' $7,200 (£5,500) monthly pay will be cut by 15% and they will lose some generous allowances.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) said that the salary review was part of a plan to reduce Kenya's public sector wages by 35%.

The average income in Kenya is $150 a month.

The new salaries will be effective after the 8 August election.

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The review will affect pay and allowances of national and county government officials, including the president, whose gross salary has been reduced from $16,000 to $14,000.

MPs' current benefits:

Personal car loan up to $67,400 - repayable at 3% interest An official car grant of $48,000 per 5-year term Mileage (or business class travel by air or rail in lieu) and car maintenance of $3,440 monthly Mortgage $190,000 Salary $7,200

Figures from Africa Check and media reports

The lawmakers blocked previous attempts to tax and/or cap their pay, saying that their constituents depended on the MPs to help them financially.

The review reduces their salaries to $6,100 and scraps some of their allowances.

SRC boss Sarah Serem said the abolition of mileage and sitting allowances, which are favoured by the MPs, "were prone to abuse".

Instead of mileage allowances, the SRC has created zones for which state officers will get a one-month allowance, the Daily Nation reports.

"There were claims of up to Sh2 million ($20,000) per month," Ms Serem said of the abuse of mileage allowance, the report adds.

SRC said the salaries were set after comparing them with countries within the East African Community, South Africa, India, Canada and the US.

It says it also considered the country's GDP before setting the salaries.

Ms Serem said that despite the reduction, the MPs will still remain some of the best paid legislators in the world.

The salary review is also meant to harmonise the pay structure of other workers in the 700,000 strong public sector.

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