Opposition MPs Wednesday returned millions of shillings they were given to fuel their guzzlers and head to their constituencies with bunches of matooke, bags of rice and sugar and cooking oil to their families and return to Kampala to bleat. Each of the 400-plus legislators was given Shs29 million to go and consult on whether Ugandans should buy more sisal ropes for playing billiard Read More →

Big money is coming into Uganda from mining activity in various parts of the country and more could come in, especially if Karamoja which is considered “the basket of Uganda's minerals” is surveyed. That was a main conclusion from the recent 6th Mineral Wealth Conference in Kampala.Read More →

About 3 million adult Ugandans or 15% of the total adult population are extremely poor, don't have a single coin or are financial excluded according to the Bank of Uganda. The BoU while launching the National Financial Inclusion Strategy Structure in Kampala said 16.8 million Ugandans or 80% of adult Ugandans who are projected to be 21 million do not have a bank account.Read More →

[East African] The arrest and arraignment of senior police officers before a Uganda army court has revealed how uneasy relations are between Ugandan security agencies and how this may have a bearing on relations with some neighbouring countries.Read More →

[Monitor] Tilapia, commonly known as engege is one of the oldest types of fish in Uganda. It is affordable, with each costing between Shs5,000 and Shs10,000 and can be cooked and enjoyed in different ways.Read More →

The ObserverMagyezi storms out of Legal Committee, vows never to returnThe ObserverThe rift between Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi and the committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs has taken an even more fractious turn after the legislator stormed out in protest. Magyezi walked out on the Committee vowing never to return.Uganda: Hearings On Age LimitRead More →

Painting a picture of inclusive growth, Ms Jennie Barugh, the head of Office Department for International Development, said: “It is really when everybody can benefit from growth. The bigger part of it is in agriculture because 70 per cent are employed there.Read More →

At least 85 per cent of what Uganda earned after it won two disputes with global oil companies has already been spent, a government report says. This revelation is contained in the Bank of Uganda annual report 2016/17, the first official acknowledgement that much of the money was used.Read More →

It is Oct. 17, eighteen representatives of importers from Germany are touring Fine Spinner's garment factory in Bugolobi, a Kampala suburb filming various activities and to ascertain the company's production processes and capacity. Later, they would proceed to Kasese, South Western Uganda, to locate the origin of the cotton raw materials used in the factory for the production of T-shirts for export.Read More →